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Fiery Wings.
Fiery wings c/o Fotolia.

The projects below are posted on the AngelList website. Follow the links to learn more! I hope to find partners and donors/investors for each.

I have considered these ideas for several years, mostly since 2010 when I moved from Corpus Christi to San Antonio, Texas and began Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. Some of the projects require my concerted effort and involvement, others require partial leadership and involvement, and partnerships of all kinds. Regardless, they merit consideration and funding.

If you have an interest, contact me by using the secure contact form available on this website.

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Native Plants, Land Reclamation, Stone Masonry, Historical Research, Heritage Tourism and More

AngelList Link | The Dearly Departed: Restoring Historic Cemeteries With Native Plants, Creating New Centers of Heritage Tourism and Economic Development

While wandering through the expansive historic cemeteries of San Antonio from 2011 to 2013 (see slide show), the idea came to me. Why not develop a sophisticated, multi-faceted project to restore historic Texas cemeteries, create jobs, educate the public and invigorate the local economy, all the while saving water and beautifying these largely untended plots of land?

Components might include:

  • Use of water-saving native plants and create native plant (xeric) landscaping throughout, hiring native plant experts, gardeners and related contractors. Texas has water conservation issues and this could help educate citizens to the possibilities while reducing water usage in the cemeteries themselves.
  • Hire stone masons and restore those monuments which were once so beautiful!
  • Create attractive, educational websites telling the stories of those interred (hire more history graduates and web developers).
  • Develop mobile apps for onsite self guided tours (as well as cell phone dial-in “tours”); enable mobile giving campaigns for ongoing repair and restoration.
  • Bring school children for educational walking tours and other enjoyable events (we don’t provide enough education about the rich histories of the cities in which we live and the citizens who contributed to them).
  • Revitalize neighborhoods with new businesses catering to cemetery research and tourism.
  • Create new jobs throughout, and boost the economy and heritage tourism.

I do envision enlisting partner organizations to accomplish this project. Ideas might be the City of Austin, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Historical Commission, churches (some of which own the cemeteries), and Google, for instance. And I do not necessarily envision myself being the “manager” of this project.

Identifying an organization used to successfully managing multiple nonprofit and for-profit partners – from stonemasons to native plant experts, from historians and history students to city governments and technology companies – makes perfect sense. That central coordinating organization would best be nonprofit in nature, one capable of accepting and managing charitable grants and contributions. Having said this, I definitely intend on being involved in a consistent advisory capacity.

Photos in the above slideshow were taken by me.

Butterfly Print Project

AngelList LinkButterfly Print Project to Educate the Public and Provide Operational Funding for the National Butterfly Center

Adobe Spark | Butterflies

Follow the link for more information about this unique high quality artistic and educational project of national scope, which will ultimately support the ongoing operational needs of the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas.

The project was developed by me initially, then input was invited from Mark L. Smith (one of the original founders of Flatbed Press in Austin and a classmate from The University of Texas at Austin). Another graduate school colleague, Dr. Constance Cortez, who is now School of Art Director at UTRGV, has agreed to partner with us.

My sense is the fewer funding partners for this multiple year fine art print project, the better, but we are open to ideas! This is a name/brand opportunity and it involves the creation of a documentary, a touring exhibition, and educational programs (regarding art and nature/conservation). Follow the link to read more on ISSUU.

I do envision being involved in this project as a “founder,” but a nonprofit and/or educational institution that can accept and manage charitable contributions (underwriting) makes sense as our “home base,” and to coordinate the traveling exhibition. Mark has an art gallery in Johnson City and I believe he can handle sales quite professionally from there. We do have budgetary information available and could respond quickly to anyone with an interest in seeing this project become a reality.

EU Charity Lotteries for Texas and the U.S.

AngelList LinkEU Charity Lottery Concept to Support Charities in the United States

Our History _ People's Postcode Lottery

Charity lotteries in Europe are highly successful and they have a more ethical emphasis than lotteries in the United States today, including Texas. This project is not intended to reinvent the wheel, as it were. It would involve engaging the seasoned and sophisticated management team already working in Europe, to bring the charity lottery concept to the United States, with Texas as a test case for the nation.

I did share this idea with a colleague involved with the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Governor’s Office a few years ago. But my sense is, the scope would be more broad than just supplying funding for the arts. I realize I am not an expert in the field of charity lotteries! I would definitely engage local partners familiar with government regulations, lobbyists and more to see how this concept could become a reality with Texas as a starting point.

Artfuel: An Italian and American Partnership

AngelList Link | Arfuel Website

San Giorgio Gondolas and Clouds by Natalia Sarkissian
Photograph by Natalia Sarkissian.

Artfuel is an international fundraising project focused on the Tuscany region of Italy. With longtime friends in Milan, Italy, I began pondering how American donors might assist urgent needs for repair and improvement of museums and historic properties in Tuscany, and with confidence.

Our activities will be lean, focused and modern. I would be one of a team of three to implement Artfuel, which we would like to base from a contribution standpoint in Dallas at the Communities Foundation of Texas (designated fund that will receive and distribute donations to Italy). What is needed is funding for the team of three to set aside their time in a meaningful way to implement Artfuel. This project will require my concerted involvement.

We created a website (art-fuel.art) to outline project details. Interest is high from the Art Ministry, Tuscany Branch. Projects are posted on the website with proposed budgets. Once we complete this initial set of fundraising projects, we anticipate moving onto a new set, and so forth. It is possible other cultural heritage sites in Europe would be involved in future years.

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These concepts were created by me or inspired by my research and conversations with friends and professional colleagues. Inquiries welcome!




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