How Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog Works

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog was launched in 2011. Based on personal interests and experiences, it shares my work in the “trenches” of nonprofit organizations small and large, both the wonderful and the challenging moments. The challenges I discuss are meant to help readers learn that while missteps happen naturally in life, one can recuperate and even thrive once you deal with and move past them. Never say never!

To find my ethics, diversity and privacy statements, scroll down to the section beneath the image.

What Is Included

  1. In-depth primary articles and portfolios accessible from the main menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Occasional posts on more narrowly-focused and recent topics, which you will find by looking in the margin under, “Carolyn’s Posts.” Included is a searchable archive of articles going back to 2013. When posts relate well to articles in the main menu, I have begun adding links to them there as well.
  3. See the special sections in the drop down menu, “A Brief Account,” “Asking,” “Baby Boomers,” “Capital Campaigns,” “Connecting With Diverse Communities” and more. When you click on the primary article from the main menu, others on that general topic appear at right.
  4. “Knowledge Sharing” menu in the margin shares links to articles and presentations by me created for and with other organizations.

Throughout Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, I share links to other sources. They are provided for the sake of discussion and are not necessarily endorsements. I think including them does make my blog even more helpful.

Context Matters

Because each nonprofit organization is unique – as is each nonprofit professional – you should tailor your activities accordingly. I stand by the information I convey. But you must always consider the context in which you are operating before applying new concepts.


In all cases, professional ethics underpin my work. Please refer to the Ethical Fundraising section of the National Council of Nonprofits website for guidance and resources. As they suggest, I do not engage in percentage-based fundraising nor compensation. This is a commonly-asked question. It is generally considered unethical to accept work and be compensated based on a percentage of funds raised. To do so suggests a critical misalignment whereby personal gain overshadows the nonprofit’s mission and the worthy project for which funding is being sought.

If you are seeking training, credentials and more, see my Professional Development Resources page.


I believe in diversity. I celebrate multiple approaches and points of view in all aspects of my work. I believe diversity drives innovation, and innovative approaches to nonprofit fundraising and communications are hallmarks of my work in the nonprofit sector. I am continually growing my network of people, organizations, programs and tools, especially those that help nonprofits operate more efficiently and effectively. To learn more about my views on diversity read, “Giving Thanks for Diversity.”


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Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog is composed and managed entirely by me free of charge as a public service. There are no other authors. All rights reserved.

If you have questions, use the secure contact form to reach me. I prefer email over the phone for initial contact. Thank you for visiting!