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I have enjoyed speaking via podcast and in person to a variety of nonprofit and educational organizations this year. Follow the link to access my presentations and to read articles written for others.

How This Blog is Organized

  • For a menu of primary articles – detailed discussions with links for additional information – look up above the photograph (main menu).
  • Missing something? If you are looking for one of my casual “posts” (formerly Recent Thoughts, now Random Discussions and Activities), but unable find it? Be sure to check the main menu. Some posts have been converted to primary articles!
  • To reach my Gravatar profile, more casual ongoing posts, and additional helpful links and information, click on the tiny three bars at the top of the page for the drop down.
  • To find links to my other social media sites, click on the link icon next to the three bars at the top of the page.
  • Need help from me as an educator, fundraiser or communicator? Look just above the photo to my “Inc.” page link!

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You can reach me quickly by using the secure contact form on this website.

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