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Season’s Greetings

I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, and tremendous success in your fundraising and communications endeavors!

Carolyn M. Appleton

The iPhone photo above was taken at Hill Country Galleria, Bee Cave, Texas (Facebook filter).

How This Blog is Organized

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog was launched on WordPress in fall, 2011. The blog began on the former “community” blog pages found on the website of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network.

  • Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog (est. 2011), is based on my personal interests and experiences. I am the sole author and I do not feature other authors at this time.
  • Every few months, I change the landing page of Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog with a new photo. Yes, you are in the right place.
  • For information about how this blog was created and the guiding principles under which it operates, follow this link.

Primary Articles and Random Discussions

  • For a menu of primary articles – detailed discussions with links for additional information and support – look up above the photograph to the main menu, How This Blog Works | Menu of Primary Articles.
  • Missing something? If you are searching for one of my casual “posts” but are unable to locate it, do two things: 1) check the Menu of Primary Articles, as some posts have been converted to primary articles; and 2) click on the tiny three “bars” at the top edge of the website for the drop down menu. There you will find, Carolyn’s Random Discussions & Activities (recent posts and a searchable archive going back to 2013).
  • The WordPress search engine on this website is powerful. You can also enter keywords into the Search box (or into the box by the magnifying glass icon), to find articles quickly. If all else fails, email me using the secure contact form.
  • Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog is visited by many other nations. Toward that end, I added a Google Translate box this summer, accessible via the drop down menu at the top edge of the website (click on the tiny three bars).

Contact Information

  • To reach my Gravatar profile, follow the link.
  • To find links to my other social media sites, click on the social link icon next to the three bars at the top of the page.

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