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Mission and History

My mission is to enable organizations, communities, donors and volunteers to attain their fundraising, digital communications and public relations goals in the most efficient, thoughtful, high-quality manner possible. I am an independent nonprofit fundraising and communications expert with extensive experience across Texas and beyond.

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog was launched in 2011. Based on personal interests and experiences, it shares my work in the “trenches” of nonprofit organizations small and large, both the wonderful and the challenging moments. The challenges I discuss are meant to help readers learn that while missteps happen naturally in life, one can recuperate and even thrive once you deal with and move past them.

This blog was created and it is written and managed solely by Carolyn M. Appleton, free of charge as a public service. All rights reserved.


The main list of “primary” articles on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog may be found by clicking on the drop down menu at the top of the page. I add new information and links to articles fairly often. In the drop down menu, you might also enjoy my photo portfolios and special projects, and a section designed for newcomers to the field of nonprofit development entitled, “Development as a Profession.”

I recently added a series of fundraising stories relating to certain personalities, “A Brief Account,” to the main menu. In addition, when I have written posts that relate to primary article discussions, I have begun sharing links to some on the main menu. You can also find them in the margin under, “Carolyn’s Posts.”

For an overview regarding the guiding principles under which Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog operates, follow this link. In 2019, I merged my professional work website with my blog, and you will find my professional information in the lower margin of this website.

If you are searching for one of my casual “posts” but are unable to locate it: 1) check the drop down menu at the top of the page, as some former posts have been converted to primary articles; and/or 2) check the section called, “Carolyn’s Posts.”

Photographs in the rotating series of “headers” on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog were taken by me with an iPhone.

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