As the U.S. Presidential Election draws near, I wanted to share information about a truly amazing concert I viewed, RiseUp AS ONE.

“RiseUp AS ONE is an event to celebrate who we are and the way we live. It is an awakening to the power of a changing world. Together, we embrace the connectedness that allows us to engage in relationships and share ideas with others across the globe. Now, more than ever, friendships between neighbors and a shared passion for justice and human rights have powerful global dimensions. With song and dance shared between cultures, we RiseUp AS ONE.”

Some of the most eloquent statements made from the stage in San Diego, California concerned the value of immigrants to society and their many unique talents. The pleas by several artists to come together for the greater good of the world were very inspiring.

The image from the concert below speaks volumes for RiseUp AS ONE. For those of us in the U.S., be sure to vote on November 8. Let your voice be heard.


If you are looking for my most recent past “front page” discussion, it has been moved to a new blog article called, “Growing New Shoots: Back to Basics Brings Big Results.” Click to read more.

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