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Central to my publications and presentations is Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, launched publicly on WordPress in 2011 and visited by more than 100 nations annually. It is designed, composed and managed by me personally, free of charge as a public service. There are no guest authors.

Carolyn M. Appleton

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In January 2022, I moved my SlideShare presentation docs over to ISSUU.

To learn about my community and volunteer activities, follow the link.


I tend to create my slide decks so they allow presentation viewers to concentrate on listening and not on notetaking. So, you will find a lot of helpful written content, QR codes and more herein! Thanks again to Crescendo Interactive for having me.
  • April 4 | I gave a webinar for Crescendo Interactive based on my Practical Planned Giving Conference presentation in 2022, “Technologies for Effective Capital Campaigns.” My presentation was updated, and it is packed with helpful information.
I was delighted to be quoted in the Spring 2023 issue of the Phi Kappa Phi Forum.
  • February 2 | “Old School Teaches New Lessons: How Technology is Preserving a WPA-Era Icon” was given during the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission Real Places annual conference in Austin. A recap is shared on my blog.


  • July 30 | Atlanta Grade School Friends, “The Economic Impact of Historic Preservation in Texas” (July 2022). I was pleased to write the featured article in this issue. Historic preservation goes hand-in-hand with economic development and this has been a tremendous success story for Texas over the years.
  • During 2022, I was pleased to be quoted twice in the Phi Kappa Phi Forum (journal). I have been a continuous member since 1985, when I was elected during graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin.
  • April 5 | I gave a webinar hosted by Qgiv about launching a career in nonprofit grant writing and fundraising and transitioning from a for-profit to a nonprofit career in fundraising. To watch the recording, follow this link to the Qgiv website. For a write up on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog with access to the slide deck on ISSUU, follow this link.

Thanks to Candid for referencing my artilce, “Building Relationships with Professional Advisors” on December 6, 2022. Follow the link to the Media Mentions page.


If you are on a mobile device, click on the bars to reveal the list of publications and presentations. As 2021 was a busy year, this section of my work is in the form of a menu.


The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (Summer 2020).
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
  • As a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi since 1985, I participate in an ongoing online discussion whereby members are invited to comment and share their thoughts about various timely issues. One of my brief comments is included in the summer 2020 issue of the quarterly journal, “Forum.” There, I shared my concerns about the dangers of hate speech which references a post on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog composed in 2019, “Resources to Combat Hate Speech.”
  • On May 4, I spoke via Zoom to Nonprofit Tech Club Austin on, “Prospecting: Reviewing Your Own Database for Hidden Gems.” This discussion about research had a Texas slant and related commentary. On April 14, I presented a Qgiv webinar along similar lines, “Prospect Research: Finding Hidden Gems in Your Database.” The discussion had a broad focus and emphasized how some of your best potential donors are often already in your database(s), but you must set aside quality time to find them and to conduct research.
  • February 13, I helped present a day-long workshop in Houston related to the TechSoup disaster preparation and recovery educational program that I helped develop in 2019. Now that the online course has been developed and fine-tuned, it is available to the public and I recommend it highly! To see a few photos from the Houston event, follow this link to my Portfolio.


  • To access nonprofit disaster planning and recovery course from TechSoup, follow this link. From summer through fall 2019, I was part of a team of nonprofit experts and TechSoup staff who helped develop the online course, which was initially focused on Hurricane Harvey-impacted regions of Texas. The project was underwritten by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and the information it shares is helpful to any nonprofit anywhere in the world. Our TechSoup team gave a day-long in-person presentation in Houston just prior to COVID-19 lockdowns in early 2020. We could do it again! Use the secure contact form to reach me.
  • On October 22, I was the focus of an, “Ask the Expert” online presentation as part of the initial TechSoup Disaster Preparedness Program.
  • On April 10, I enjoyed teaming-up with Chris Tuttle on, “Getting Beyond the Like: Using Social Media to Cultivate Deeper Commitment,” a webinar hosted by Idealware and TechImpact. This was one of six courses included in The Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit.


  • You might enjoy reading my article on the importance of social media stewardship and research in the June, 2018 issue of ADRP’s e-newsletter, The Hub.
  • The morning of June 15 during the AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action conference at the Irving Convention Center I discussed, “How Startup Nonprofits Can Break Into the Big Leagues.” My slide deck is posted on ISSUU.
  • I enjoyed speaking about “asking” for charitable gifts during lunch to the AFP Permian Basin Chapter on April 25. To reach my slide deck, see ISSUU. This is a powerful, information-packed presentation!
  • I gave a webinar to members of the Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP) on, “Taking a Step Back Will Lead You Forward,” on March 29. To read a blog article that includes my central themes, click here.


  • Coffee Chat at the Regional Foundation Library, Austin. On May 25, I enjoyed discussing asking for major gifts, and turning difficult situations into positive outcomes. Please note the Regional Foundation Library is now the Texas Grants Resource Center, a division of The University of Texas at Austin.
  • AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action conference, May 19 at the Irving Convention Center, Asking for Major Gifts: Expecting the Unexpected.” I was delighted to have a “full house,” and so many excellent questions. See ISSUU for more.
  • In April 2017 Bloomerang kindly invited me to write a blog post on volunteers and volunteering, “Think Volunteers Are More Trouble Than They Are Worth? Think Again.” 
  • Sam Houston Association of Computer Scientists, Sam Houston State University, “Tech Solutions: Nonprofit Communications and Fundraising,” March 4 during the FutureTech Conference. See ISSUU for the slide deck.
  • For NetSquared (now called TechSoup Connect) I gave a webinar called, “Creating a Remarkable Meetup” on ReadyTalk for club organizers globally. I shared my tips and hands-on guidance about the creation and management of a Meetup page (February 7).
  • Nonprofit Ally, “Insider Tips from a Professional Grant Writer” podcast (recorded January 6). This was a 58-minute discussion about grant writing from the perspective of senior level grant writer, including issues that affect grant writing (things that are in your control, and those that are not), and more. You can find the podcast as NPA 054 on the Apple podcast app.


  • Nonprofit Ally, “Giving Thanks” (November 27). This blog post expanded on my article, “Thank You,” which you can read by following the link.
  • NTEN Connect, a publication of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network, “Technology Adoption in the Workplace: A View from the Trenches” (May 18). Thanks to NTEN for sharing my musings on this important topic. See ISSUU for follow-up.


  • National Catholic Development Conference, Dimensions, “Mailing Lists: God Is In The Details” (October/November 2015 issue). This is an article from my primary website, Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, reprinted. I was honored to be included in the primary development journal for Catholic fundraisers.
  • TEXSAR: Texas Search and Rescue presentation to the Travis County Kennel Club (November 2015). I enjoyed giving a private presentation to the Board of the Club about TEXSAR and its use of canines in search and rescue (and search and recovery) efforts in Texas. You can find my slides on ISSUU.
  • I spoke to the Coastal Bend Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals on August 25 at Del Mar Community College in Corpus Christi, Texas on the CFRE process and my personal experiences.
  • “Blogging Your Nonprofit Career on WordPress” was a presentation I gave during WordPress Day at the Austin Convention Center in March, immediately prior to the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference. I wrote an article a few years ago about this topic on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog (several supportive links are provided).
  • Thanks to NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network for including me in, “NTEN Member Roundup” (January 6).


  • Texas Non Profits included an article featuring my predictions, “2015 and Beyond: Fundraising Predictions” (December 31).
  • On the Apple podcast app, you can find my talk with Steve Vick of Nonprofit Ally (October 16) as NPA 018, “Approaching Corporations for Money.”
  • I gave a presentation called, Fundraising Predictions: 2014 and Beyond” for the Texas Library Association (June 9).
  • I enjoyed giving a presentation during the AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action Conference at the Irving Convention Center, “Digital ‘Do It Yourself’ for Major Gift Professionals” (June). I was pleased to have had a packed room.
  • I was part of a team of teachers involved in the CFRE Review Course in Austin June 9-10. My session focused on donor and prospective donor research and discussed best practices. I also helped teach the capital campaign module for the CFRE Review Course in summer, 2008.
  • Bloomerang Google+ Hangout (video) with Steven Shattuck, “Tips for Working At or With a Start-up Nonprofit” (March).
  • Bloomerang, “The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Grant Writing and Research” (February). The title is not mine, but I am honored they chose it for this piece.
  • Bloomerang, “6 Expert Fundraising Predictions for 2014” (January).


  • AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action presentation at the Irving Convention Center, “Social Media: Major & Planned Giving Applications” (June).
  • GuideStar case studies (2013): 1) GuideStar as a research solution; and 2) GuideStar and meeting with prospective donors and professional advisors. These discussions were posted on the website for several years as pdfs, but with the merger of GuideStar with Candid and an update of the website, they are no longer available.
  • Bloomerang, “Amplify Your Nonprofit’s Impact with Social Media” (Summer).

Thanks to Adisa Energize for mentioning my article, “Volunteering and Charitable Giving” on its website under, “Fundraising: Articles and Books” (2013).


  • Crescendo Interactive Practical Planned Giving Conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort (September 2012), “Social Media: Major & Planned Giving Applications” (given twice during the event). See ISSUU for follow-up.

Thanks for the mention, Kivi Leroux Miller and the Nonprofit Marketing Guide! Follow the link to Kivi’s website, “How Social Media and Fundraising Fit Together.” Think about it: we were talking about this back in 2012, and my first NTEN conference presentation was on this topic as well, in 2010. Social media has become even more essential today.


  • NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network, CHANGE, “Engaging Major Donors with New Media” (December, my article begins on page 26). See ISSUU.
  • Charity Channel Summit and Grant Professionals Association (joint conference) in October 2011 at Bally’s Las Vegas, “Social Media and Nonprofit Technologies: Major Gift and Planned Giving Applications” with Holly Ross of NTEN and Kristen Schultz-Jaarda of Crescendo Interactive. My personal thanks go to Holly and Kristen for taking time out of their busy schedules to participate.
  • Margaret Battistelli wrote for Fundraising Success, NTC: Roundup: Major Gift Fundraising and Social Media” (April 20). Margaret attended my talk during the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference (#10NTC) at CNN Center in Atlanta, and I appreciated her coverage. My slide deck for this presentation (now on ISSUU), ranked in the top ten from the conference for a year.

Other Presentations

  • During my university days in the 1980s while attending graduate school, I authored and co-authored a number of art and art history articles in scholarly publications, from The University of Texas Press and the Gilcrease Magazine to The Magazine Antiques. If you have questions about those, let me know. This blog page lists activities undertaken from 2010 to the present day. Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog was launched in 2011.

Questions? Contact me any time via the secure contact form provided on this website. Thank you!

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