Hispanic Communities

As my primary Connecting With Diverse Communities page and article include quite a bit of information about Hispanic communities, this page is focused on sharing additional noteworthy resources you might find helpful.

After years of steady growth, I was interested to read Renee Stepler and Mark Hugo Lopez for Pew Research Center, “U.S. Latino Population Growth and Dispersion Has Slowed Since the Onset of the Great Recession” (September 8, 2016). While still a force to be reckoned with,

“The nation’s Latino population has long been characterized by its rapid growth and by its wide dispersion to parts of the country that traditionally have had few Latinos. But a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data finds that the growth and dispersion of the U.S. Latino population has slowed since 2007, when the Great Recession started, immigration from Latin America cooled and Latino fertility rates began to fall.”

I know many nonprofit fundraising and communications professionals in Texas struggle with how to reach Hispanic families. One resource you might find helpful is The New Philanthropists. While some diverse communities believe Anglo Americans are insensitive to their issues and concerns – in part due to the media’s coverage of relatively few but jarring negative experiences – I find most genuinely want to be inclusive. But they struggle to achieve success. Help is needed on both sides of the isle! You might also profit from reading a report produced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Cultural Insights: Communicating With Hispanics/Latinos” (n.d.).

One of the best places to learn about trends is the Pew Hispanic Center. “Founded in 2001, the Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos’ growing impact on the nation.” Reports on a variety of topics are available from demographics, politics, and immigration attitudes, to economic status. Here is a section on technology adoption that social media observers will find of note.

Hispanics in Philanthropy was founded in 1983, “to promote stronger partnerships between organized philanthropy and Latino communities.” Further, “HIP has developed into a transnational network of grant makers committed to strengthening Latino communities across the Americas.” This is a powerful organization and I was inspired to read, “HIP Heads Delegation to the Humanitarian Crisis at U.S.-Mexico Border” (December 18, 2018). “This emergency delegation is in response to a human rights crisis taking place in the southern border of migrants fleeing violence from their home countries and seeking asylum in the United States.”

On a personal note, when living in San Antonio in late fall 2010 through summer, 2013, I was inspired by the diversity of the city, and the city’s comfort with its diversity! To learn more about the active and influential Hispanic business community, follow this link to the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

To read more articles along these lines on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, follow the links below.

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