Trusted Partners

I do most all work by hand. My aim is to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Having said that, there are a few trusted partners I recommend.

A good friend of some 30 years, historian and nonprofit fundraising professional Toni Turner has extensive experience and she and I enjoy working with one another. If you need more than one experienced hand on your fundraising projects, let me know. She and I are in touch constantly.

A trustworthy accountant can make a world of difference in running a successful, professional nonprofit organization. They can also solve (and troubleshoot) problems of all kinds, and will keep you in step with the IRS. My accounting has been handled by the all-woman firm Hahn & Oldham, P.C. of Kingsville, Texas for 20 years. As a great deal of work today is done online, they can help you literally from any location, and they will travel as needed.

NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network is my primary professional affiliation today. See my #NPTechClubATX profile by following this link. There are many other solid support groups today, and many companies provide excellent educational opportunities as well. To discover a few professional development resources, with some commentary on my part, follow this link.

I have used the “technology” products of several companies over the years with great success. Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog shares many of those experiences. I adopt new technologies fairly easily and if you would like my “read” on some of them, send me a message via the secure contact form on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog.

Please use the secure form on this website to contact me.

Email is always preferred.