Speaking, Teaching & Coaching

If you and/or your organization would benefit from a presentation (in person or via video conferencing), a review of your nonprofit’s fundraising and communications activities leading to trustworthy advice about moving forward in new and streamlined ways, use the secure contact form on this website to reach me.

My mindset starting any project ultimately is, “how do we secure major gifts.” I have done a great deal of work preparing and positioning nonprofits large and small to be able to obtain significant donations. Being hands-on and independent, I have a great deal of personal experience (i.e., I do not simply report the “findings” of others). I believe small, worthy nonprofits can spring forward dramatically with proper advance preparation, planning and stewardship, and large nonprofits can benefit from scaling-back their operations to function in more lean and effective ways.

Read through Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog to see if there is a topic that would be helpful to you.

My fees are flexible: they depend upon the venue (in-person or remote involving travel), the size of the organization, the amount of preparation involved and information to be covered, and the like. I do help many nonprofits – and individuals wanting to work in the nonprofit sector – free of charge as a public service. When I do travel, I am cost-conscious and follow-up after my presentations is usually free of charge. My aim is to help you succeed!