Portfolio | Photo Blog | Texas Search and Rescue 2015

These Instagram photos were taken with an iPhone just after dawn at Five Mile Dam Park near San Marcos back in 2015. A search effort had been launched along the river after the disastrous Memorial Day Flood. This was one of my first experiences with Texas Search and Rescue and it made a deep impression.

The poem pictured was written by Scott Andrew James. I asked him to compose a “quick” poem about searching, while we were attending a weekend benefit event for another group at The ABGB.


Where do we find
the safety we seek?
Maybe there is nothing
so stable to hold onto
as the promise of someone
to come look for us
when we are lost.

Maybe there is nothing
so noble
as to be ready
to look for each other
in the darkest of hours
and pull each other
from the brink
back to the shore
ready to stand and live
another day.

My work for TEXSAR spanned six months, and it was funded with the proceeds of an Austin concert by Jimmy Buffett on the heels of Memorial Day. I helped establish a new one-person office and conducted related infrastructure work in development and communications. I am pleased TEXSAR continues to do well, and it is expanding its life-saving work even further.

Not being an SAR professional, I stood behind the fence to observe this event. In the photos of the river bank, pause there for a moment. The local Sheriff and I were leaning on the fence and he said, “you see that house up on the hill? The flood waters were right up under the lower balcony.” 

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