Carolyn Online

This page includes my activity on a variety of online platforms, and my work with various technologies.

I post on social personally rather than using an auto-posting service. Having become familiar with most social media platforms, I find it easy – and more appropriate given the different audiences and natures of each – to post on them individually and separately.

I am also a one-person full service “shop.” I do subcontract but rarely (bulk mailings, for instance). Also, although I have become somewhat global, it may appear like I am “everywhere.” But there is only one person operating the platforms below, and only one employee, based in Bee Cave on the far western edge of Austin, Texas. I do work statewide and beyond. Appointments in person and video calls by appointment. To read more about my work in this arena, follow the link.


  • Artfuel | A separate WordPress website – an Italian and American partnership – now seeking investors.
  • I have created WordPress websites for others – use the secure contact form to request more information | I find WordPress to be one of the best platforms today for nonprofits, and it integrates exceptionally well with Google.

Other Platforms

  • Adobe Creative Cloud | I am very active with this software. I have also worked with for creative projects.
  • Alignable | Local Austin area business platform (and I have set-up Alignable profiles for nonprofits as well).
  • Facebook page for Carolyn M. Appleton Nonprofit Fundraising and Communications | Est. 2015 (my private Facebook page was established in 2009). I do not use Facebook Messenger, however. Email via Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. In 2022, the “url” for my Facebook page changed to “carolynmappletonfornonprofits.”
  • Flickr | I joined Flickr in 2021, and the photos I share publicly are also those I share on Yelp.
  • GivePulse | I have charted my volunteer work for two nonprofits, primarily Nonprofit Tech Club Austin, on this platform.
  • I use several Google products including Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Forms, Drive, Groups, Hangouts, Maps, Photos, YouTube and of course, Search (I have set up and managed a Google My Business page but do not have one myself).
  • GreatNonprofits and GuideStar. I have my own GreatNonprofits review page. I have also set-up GreatNonprofits profiles, and GuideStar gold seal profiles for organizations like EcoRise Youth Innovations, TEXSAR, Austin Free-Net, Texas Sealife Center, Port Aransas Art Center, Bee Cave Arts Foundation and Atlanta Grade School Friends.
  • Instagram | Photographs and videos are all by me unless otherwise noted (personal and professional iPhone photos are displayed). I have also cleaned up nonprofit Instagram feeds and made them function more smoothly and professionally, if you need help.
  • ISSUU | In January 2022, I moved most of my SlideShare content over to ISSUU.
  • MailChimp | I have been active on MailChimp for several years, principally on behalf of nonprofit organizations. To see an example of one of my MailChimp emails, click on the link.
  • Mastodon |
  • Patreon | New in December 2022 – an experiment!
  • Phi Kappa Phi (my expert guest speaker profile) | Elected 1985 and a continuous member since then.
  • Pinterest | I am a daily “pinner” and I “pin” mostly to bookmark articles of interest to me personally | Topics range from my professional work to sunflowers and apiculture, from personal “likes” and xylophones and favorite healthy recipes.
  • Tumblr | I have three Tumblrs. This link belongs to my original and primary visual blog on Tumblr.
  • Vimeo | I use Vimeo mostly for recording programs.
  • Yelp | Personal opinions, some work-related. I joined the Yelp Elite Squad in October, 2016. I post photos on Yelp (which you can view also on Flickr). If you login to Yelp, you will find me as, “Carolyn A.”
  • YouTube | Examples of videos using a variety of platforms are included.

Zoom | Let me know if you’d like to chat or to have a presentation for you personally, or for your nonprofit, business or other. See my ISSUU page link for topic ideas or peruse Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog.

I do have interests aside from my primary focus on nonprofit fundraising and social media communications:

Carolyn’s Arbonne Tumblr 

Carolyn’s Special Items


  • I use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in my daily work. I have launched and managed email communication programs using Constant Contact, iContact and MailChimp (the latter being the most frequently used today). I have used simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Word tables and charts to manage major gift campaigns, and also CRMs like NEON ONE (and a modest amount of Raiser’s Edge). I have used wealth screening services. I recently added Qgiv donation processing and Qgiv auction to my list of skills (platform set up and management). I have also become familiar with the planned giving platform, Giving Docs.
  • I have set up and managed online giving platforms and programs like Amplify Austin, GivingTuesday, GoFundMe and Crowdrise.
  • My personal page on Facebook is reserved for friends, some going back to grade school days, professional colleagues, family, donors, volunteers and professional advisors (and with the exception of a few posts, the content of that profile is not shared publicly).
  • Now defunct platforms: RebelMouse, Fundraising Resources and Carolyn M. Appleton, Inc. on WordPress (the information on those websites was merged into Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog), and Slack. I have had Earthlink ( and Yahoo ( email addresses in years past, but no longer. To reach me, use the secure contact form found on this website.

I own and have registered my WordPress and Tumblr website URLs (domains), with being primary. All content on those sites and on Facebook, Instagram, ISSUU, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and the like has been created and is managed by me personally unless otherwise stated.

All rights reserved.