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Phi Kappa Phi Speaker Profile

If you and/or your organization would benefit from a presentation on any of the topics discussed on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, or if a review of your fundraising and communications activities with an eye to moving forward in new, more effective and streamlined ways – use the secure contact form on this website to reach me. I have given presentations to ADRP: Association of Donor Relations Professionals, AFP: Association of Fundraising Professionals (several chapters), Crescendo Interactive, GPA: Grant Professionals Association, NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network (and TechSoup Connect), Qgiv, Rotary International (Texas chapters), and more. Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog (est. 2011), is visited by more than 100 nations each year.

I have done a great deal of hands-on work preparing and positioning nonprofits large and small to obtain significant donations. I believe small, worthy nonprofits can spring forward dramatically with proper advance preparation, planning and stewardship, and large nonprofits can benefit from scaling-back their operations to function in more lean and efficient ways.

A few noteworthy topics and resources for more inforomation about my work:

Read through Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog to see if there is a topic that would be helpful. Also, check out my profile on ISSUU.

One benefit of working with me is that I do not just “talk.” I have literally done the work myself from start to finish. I have pulled major gift campaigns out of the “ash heap” and set them on their feet again. These experiences have made me fearless in tackling almost any challenge. I am also “quick on the uptake,” and I normally can review a nonprofit’s fundraising and communications situation to identify improvements fairly quickly.

I am also fairly proficient at WordPress for nonprofits (websites), set-up and management of social media platforms (from scratch), live “social media” reporting and visual blogging, remote working in the “cloud,” Adobe Creative Cloud, and other technical aspects of nonprofit work for fundraising and communications professionals.

My fees are flexible (I charge a “flat fee,” covering most all basic expenses). Fees depend upon the venue, the size of the organization, the amount of preparation involved, information to be covered and the like. Even if I do speak on a topic I have covered before, I normally update and tailor my presentations to the organization with which I am working to ensure that it is a “good fit.”

I do mentor many individuals wanting to enter the nonprofit sector free of charge as a public service. If I can point you in the right direction, I am delighted to do so.

When I do travel, I am cost-conscious and follow-up after my presentations is usually free of charge. My aim is to see you succeed! Zoom and other video conferencing services are also available.

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