Social Media, Photo Documentation, Video, Websites, Writing and More

See for my primary social media platforms

I launched Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog on WordPress in 2011. Visitors from more than 100 nations visit annually.

All content is written and posted by me (and if not, credit is given where it is due).

Social Media Management, Reporting and (Casual) Photography

  • Social media platform creation and management, and live reporting of special events (conferences, lectures, meetings, receptions, fairs and more), are activities I enjoy. Each platform is unique. I do not use “auto-posting” services because I find each platform is unique enough to merit individual consideration and handling prior to posting.
  • I weave together postings on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. I try to strengthen interest in my posts by incorporating links and photos. I have managed the Twitter feed of @cclatx as a volunteer since 2017, but I no longer have a personal account on the platform (but I know how to use it well).
  • A master’s degree in art history has given me a good sense of visual presentation. I strive to make my subjects look as attractive as possible, unless another purpose has been requested (humorous and the like). I normally inform my posting and blogging with a positive, “development” mindset. I also enjoy making the common individual look “iconic.” Humble humans are a favorite subject.
  • I use an iPhone (and a portable charger if needed for reporting lengthy assignments). I can “live” report and post immediately, or save imagery for review and refining later. I maintain a cool head even in raucous situations, allowing me to post quickly. For some reason, I “blend in” with crowds fairly well and can take photos and videos without being noticed (or feared, smiles). I am a friendly social media reporter.
  • Photos belong to you at the conclusion of the event documented. I can upload imagery to a file in the cloud, or I can share the imagery via email or flash drive.
  • I reserve the right to retain a selection of images for my professional file documentation, and sometimes share these on my personal platforms. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to ask. Do you see a photo on my platform(s) that you would like to have? Use my secure contact form to reach me.
  • If you need help managing your social media platforms over the long haul, I am happy to consider your request. That is a more in-depth commitment. My mindset is always to be consistent, to show organizations in a favorable light, to catch attention, to chat with readers, to recognize donors who desire it, and to be genuinely helpful. I have also supported emergency communications on social media.


  • I use an iPhone to take photographs and videos. To post imagery and videos to your platform(s) immediately, I require access to the passwords (which can then be deleted upon completion of the assignment). Or, I can forward the recordings to your organization for review and posting by a second party later on.
  • See my YouTube channel for examples. My primary video creation platforms are YouTube, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Vimeo.

Websites, Platform Management, Newsletters, Online Donations

  • I have created websites from scratch for myself and others using WordPress and Tumblr. My mantra is that how nonprofits look online has a direct impact on how donors perceive them. WordPress is a favorite as it is secure and it works well with Google Search.
  • Of course, to create a basic website on WordPress, to purchase a more elaborate template, to block outside advertisements, to migrate a site to another location online, to acquire the domain, to acquire stock photos and the like requires an additional investment of funding (but still, relatively modest). A great deal can be done on platforms with templates that are free of charge. These are also easy to manage for the long term and I always teach the organizations with which I work how to manage the sites after having designed them.
  • I have also set up and managed Qgiv online donation processing on my websites and have an excellent relationship with the company. I am in the midst of exploring WePay as well.

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is my primary platform for both graphic design and short videos. You can see a few of my designs above, created for public presentations and Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog.


  • Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog and all work on my social platforms is written by me, unless I post a quotation. By reading this blog, you will get a good sense of my writing skills.
  • I do research and write grants for the organizations with which I work. If you would like a copy of a sample grant, please know my personal rule is those documents may be shared five years from the date of submission, for the sake of confidentiality. You can also ask the organizations with which I have worked if they will share more recent copies.


  • Fees depend on the project and the hours it takes to prepare, implement, manage and follow-up. I can work on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis. I prefer discussing details with each client individually to ensure the needs of both parties are met.
  • If an activity to be reported occurs within Central Texas, I can cover basic travel costs, but if there are entrance (or other) fees, those should be provided by the client. Those kinds of expenditures would of course be approved in advance.
  • I am happy to travel outside of Central Texas to conduct social media reporting of events, but related expenses must be covered by you. Those are discussed with you in advance. I am cost-conscious in my travel and provide receipts for all expenditures.