2020 To The Present

Most recent activities are listed first.


I began supporting the excellent work of the Atlanta Grade School Friends of Atlanta, Texas last fall. We hit a home run with a year-end “snail mail” mailing (which I handled myself by hand), and now we turn our attention to building the infrastructure of this beloved nonprofit in preparation for major gift fundraising. Stay tuned! I am delighted to be working with longtime friend Toni Turner, formerly of the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission.

I also plan on helping Rock The Street, Wall Street (see 2020 below), with its onsite exhibition during SXSWEdu in Austin in March.

To learn about forthcoming educational presentations during 2022, follow the link to my Media Room.


I was busy writing and teaching during 2021. See my Media Room for updates and links.

I also helped Bee Cave Arts Foundation lay the groundwork for an outdoor tech art festival, BuzzFest. Follow the link to the new WordPress website I created for them and see the BuzzFest page which provides a wealth of information. Other projects have included the installation of Qgiv online gift processing (and silent auction platform), cleaning-up MailChimp and preparing e-blasts (see the Newsletter page), and cleaning-up a former GoDaddy platform. I also did some photo documentation and provided social media support via my own channels. This work was done part-time and as a volunteer, a combination of both.

During 2021, I wrapped-up my longtime volunteer work for Nonprofit Tech Club Austin. To read more, see my community and volunteer overview on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. I was the lead volunteer organizer from 2015 through the end of 2021. Based on the strong club infrastructure I helped develop, the chapter will become the Texas Chapter of TechSoup Connect (fall, 2021).


During 2020, I worked part of part-time for two nonprofit organizations, focusing generally on grant research and writing, infrastructure improvements, and online communications. One of these is based in Nashville, Rock The Street, Wall Street. To read more from my perspective about this successful and innovative financial literacy program, follow the link to my post. To learn more about my work during 2020, see my Media Room.

Following-up on my work last year with TechSoup on a nonprofit disaster preparation and recovery course for Hurricane Harvey-impacted regions of Texas, the curriculum team and TechSoup staff hosted a one-day workshop in Houston on February 13. The online course has been refined and is now available to the public. To see more Instagram photos from the event, follow this link to Carolyn’s Tumblr.

Thank you for your help in the workshop last Thursday in Houston! The participants, to my observation, were able to get useful information and network with each other as we hoped. They benefited a lot from the insights that you shared about disaster planning and recovery. 

It was a great pleasure to work with you all on the CDP Disaster Preparedness project. Thanks to all your input and contribution, we were able to create the online course track and host the live workshop to help the Gulf Coast nonprofit organizations get better prepared for future emergencies, and as a result, become able to serve more people in need on those special occasions. That was a big achievement together during the past year! Your expertise and dedication are genuinely appreciated.

We wish you all the best moving forward, and hope our paths cross again in the future!

Thanks, Shuya Xu and the TS Courses team

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