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Fundraising Resources includes handy links to information I find helpful and wish to “bookmark” for myself and others.

Quick Page Links

  1. Articles and Resources Carolyn Recommends | Bitcoin and Crowdfunding. Formerly focused on many topics, in 2016 I narrowed it down to two. Also, here is a link to my Pinterest page, where I maintain a general information board called, Nonprofit News Now!
  2. Dealing With Stress. I have received numerous inquiries about stress over the years. Included are some links I find helpful.
  3. Professional Development. I include links to organizations that may be helpful to you.

How Fundraising Resources Began

This section of resources was the basis for my first website, which was created on the Earthlink platform. It began as a reference tool for my nonprofit colleagues in the Coastal Bend of South Texas.

I was recruited by a headhunter to move from Dallas to South Texas in November, 1999. I developed the site ca. 2002 and eventually donated it to upport the work of the then-new Association of Fundraising Professionals – Coastal Bend Chapter.

In October, 2010 after completing work on a number of South Texas nonprofit projects, I moved to San Antonio, where I broadened the content of Fundraising Resources and moved it to WordPress. I moved yet again in July, 2013 from San Antonio to my old home town of Austin. Today, I continue to add links and resources to this “information bank,” so check back now-and-again!

The information you find herein is provided free of charge. Each nonprofit is unique and has its own special history and requirements. Be sure to tailor your fundraising activities with this in mind.

All content on this website has been developed and written by me unless otherwise noted.

All rights reserved.

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