Dealing With Stress

I began posting links to articles and resources on this topic when I launched Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog back in 2011. I was living in San Antonio, Texas at the time, and for the first few years, I received numerous requests for advice about preparing oneself to write, how to focus one’s attention, how to reduce stress and the like. I decided to devote more attention to responding. That was during the economic decline of the late 2000s and early 2010s, and it was also when “blogging” became popular.

A decade later, we continue to see societal disruption across the world. Stress is often the byproduct of this state of affairs. Hence, I will continue to update this page as I find resources I like for managing stress and for healthy living overall.


A Few of My Favorite Resources

How I Deal With Stress

  • I find that a regular schedule of exercise is essential. 
  • Healthy eating makes a difference. I prepare most meals at home and the majority are made from scratch. Recently, I adopted a lower calorie, lower fat diet and I have shed 40 pounds in just over a year! I feel great. To see a few of my favorite new recipes and a few favorite products, follow this link to my Pinterest board.
  • I find adequate rest is essential. By nature, I require a longer sleep cycle. But I did not pay attention to it until the past ten years. Now that I know what being rested really feels like, I will never forget. And, I do not stay up late at night (not very often, in any case).
  • With COVID-19 in mind, I find my longtime use of NeilMed saline sinus rinse once a week works wonders (yes, that is just salt and water). I started using NeilMed when I moved back to Austin in 2013, with my intense allergy to “cedar” in mind. I also find high quality heating/air conditioning filters can change one’s life and environment dramatically for the better. These filters are worth the investment and can be found in most of the “big box” stores, in some grocery stores and on, for instance.
  • A few years ago, I also began using Arbonne healthy living products. While never big on makeup, I mostly use the nutrition, personal care, and clean skin products. They are vegan (never tested on animals), and they maintain European standards, which are higher than those mandated by the U.S. I haven’t gotten this little “side” business going quite yet, but you never know! If you have questions, ask anytime.

Sleep = “Mail Merge”

When I was younger and computers first came into widespread use (ca. the 1980s), one entered a lot of data in order to set up a “mail merge,” as it was called, for a large “sorting” project (as for a mailing). You had to leave your computer – often overnight – and return to it in the morning before the task of sorting data into the desired order was complete.

Computers are much faster today, but “mail merge” is a phrase I sometimes use today to describe what happens when I head off to rest. In the morning, I think more clearly, and I often solve or resolve the problems of the prior day. When I sleep, I have come to realize I am sorting out a great deal of information, just like our old computers. But in the morning, my attitude is improved and I can tackle almost any challenge!

I am not a doctor, and so I urge my readers to conduct their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. Having said that, the information provided on this page works for me, and I welcome your questions any time. Thank you for visiting!

Image of the gentleman in the hammock was created by me with Adobe Spark Post.

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