Dealing With Stress

I began posting links to articles and resources on this topic because when I launched my blog back in 2011, I received a virtual flood of questions requesting advice about preparing oneself to write, how to focus attention and reduce stress. I decided to devote more attention to responding.

Resources That Have Helped Me

More Specifically …

  • A regular schedule of exercise is essential – in my case, I visit a gym at least three times a week – as is the occasional walk.

Yours truly at the gym (2017). I listen to iTunes, SiriusXM and TuneIn while working out at least three times a week.

  • Healthy eating makes a difference. I prepare most meals at home, although I admit I enjoy eating out on occasion. And, I shop at grocery stores that feature healthy foods. The quality of what I eat matters. I attribute my good health to this today.
  • Adequate rest is essential. If I can swing the occasional, brief nap, that helps me stay on top of my game. I have a longer sleep cycle than most, but I did not pay attention to it until the past five years or so. Now that I know what being rested really feels like, I will never forget. And, I do not stay up late (not very often, in any case).

Yikes! Check out this infographic from Mind Body Green, “This is Your Body Without Sleep” (2014).

When computers first came into widespread use (1980s and 1990s), one entered a lot of data into them to set up a “mail merge,” as it was called, you had to leave your computer alone – often overnight – and return to it in the morning before the task of sorting was completed.

Computers are much faster today, but “mail merge” is a phrase I sometimes use to describe what happens when I head off to rest. In the morning, I think more clearly and I am ready to think and write! When I sleep, I realize I am sorting out a great deal of information that I’ve absorbed during the day. In the morning, my attitude is improved and I can tackle almost any challenge.

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