Blog Organization, History and More

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog includes nonprofit topics of interest to me personally, personal experiences (and solutions), nonprofit trends to be watching, and a few precautions.

I began Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog in 2011 during the economic downturn when living in San Antonio, Texas. It has become the documentation of a lifetime of professional work in the nonprofit sector. There are no other authors nor guest authors. I receive fairly regular requests to write articles for Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, and I apologize, but there are no other authors at this time.

Included in Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog

  1. In-depth “primary” articles and portfolios accessible from the main menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Occasional posts on more narrowly-focused topics, which you will find by looking in the margin under, “Carolyn’s Posts.” Included is a searchable archive of articles going back to 2013.
  3. “A Brief Account” and “Development as a Profession,” two specific series of articles accessible via the main menu bar at the top of the page.
  4. I have added a “News, Information & Updates” section in the margin of this blog for more recent notifications, my new MailChimp e-newsletters and the like.

I update my blog’s landing page now and again to include new content and imagery, so check back for updates. After publishing articles, I often update them so they remain fresh and current for my visitors from some 100+ countries each year. In February, 2019 I began merging my professional work website with Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. You will find my work pages at the bottom, in a separate menu.

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog is composed and managed entirely by me free of charge as a public service. All rights reserved.

Keep in Mind

Because each nonprofit organization is unique, you should tailor your fundraising activities accordingly. I stand by the information I convey, but you must always consider the context in which you are operating before applying new concepts.

Looking for my social links? There are a few primary platforms posted on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog at the bottom of the page. A more comprehensive listing may be found on Carolyn Online, which is accessible via the drop down menu at the top of the page.

If you have questions, use the secure contact form to reach me. I prefer email over the phone for initial contact. Meetings in person and via video conferencing are by appointment.

Best wishes for your fundraising success!

Carolyn M. Appleton