Thanks for Following Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog | Spring, 2018 Updates

Thank you for following Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. I apologize for taking so long to post a new blog article! I have been busy, as you will soon read.

Earlier today, I gave a webinar for ADRP: Association of Donor Relations Professionals. The text of my presentation may be viewed in this blog post, “Taking a Step Back Will Lead You Forward.” The talk was based on decades of hands-on major gift experience with nonprofit organizations across Texas. One of my main points is that  communication is central to a successful development program. Without it, significant donations cannot be raised! This summer, I will also be writing an article about social media stewardship for ADRP’s e-newsletter, The Hub. That topic in one of my favorites.

On April 25, I will be leading an “asking” seminar for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Permian Basin Chapter. This is a very strong AFP Chapter and a welcoming one. I was honored to be invited.

I look forward to returning to North Texas to speak on June 15 at the Irving Convention Center for the Association of Fundraising Professionals 2018 DFW Philanthropy in Action conference. This is one of my favorite chapters. I will help young, struggling nonprofits and “startups” learn how they can ramp-up to secure major gifts. Having helped several startups in recent years, I have learned several basic ways they can become more attractive to major gift donors. The ideas I will be discussing are not necessarily expensive, but do require time, careful consideration, and real work.

Some of you may know that I am the primary coordinator of Nonprofit Tech Club Austin. This group offers free programs on a monthly basis. The club is designed to help nonprofits learn what new technologies are available today, and how they can help nonprofits meet their many worthwhile missions. #NPTechClubATX is a partnership between NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network, NetSquared (TechSoup) and Capital Factory (an influential startup incubator here in Austin). For three years, we successfully “grew” our club on Meetup, but we are moving to a new NTEN platform. The transition inspired me to recount our work over the past three years in the form of a written report, which you can read on ISSUU. If you are in Austin, please join us!

And although I am not a tech expert, per se, I am certainly tech inclined. You can find me on the TechSoup Consultant Connection. I have enjoyed responding to questions about databases, data migration, various software platforms and more! If I can help you, I would be glad to assist (or simply to point you in the right direction).

After many years in nonprofit fundraising, it would make sense that I have a few project ideas of my own. I developed a profile on AngelList, and the primary function of that profile is to share new concepts, ones for which I hope to secure funding. Follow this link to an overview of those projects on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, with links to AngelList.

Even when my professional work is complete for nonprofit organizations, sometimes many years down the road I like to remember and recognize my very best volunteers. “A Special Event | An Environmental Breakthrough for Texas” is a new article on my blog that does just this! I hope you enjoy it. The process of creating an entirely new event was daunting at first, but it led to great things for one of my former nonprofits.

In terms of my professional work, March has been busy. Stay tuned, and please follow me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates.

Thank you again for following Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. If you have questions, use the secure contact form on my website. Happy spring!



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