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Marching Forward …

Thus far, 2017 has been a whirlwind! Thank you for following Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, and apologies for being late in updating you about my activities.

This March I moved to Bee Cave in the Texas Hill Country, the far western side of Austin. Being high on a hill with amazing views, having lots of natural light in my new home, and having professional co-working and dedicated work spaces onsite mean I am a happy camper. Somehow it seems fitting that I now live in Bee Cave, because I am so interested in and concerned about bees. If you haven’t seen my scientific, artistic, agricultural and economic “bee” board on Pinterest, check it out.

Steve Vick of Nonprofit Ally and I visited for an hour about grant writing in January. I shared my perspectives based on decades of work in the trenches of nonprofit development programs in a podcast, “Insider Tips from a Professional Grant Writer.” Follow the link to listen-in. And if you have not yet read my article for Nonprofit Ally, “Giving Thanks,” be sure to check it out, too.

In early March, I drove to Huntsville to speak to the Sam Houston State University Association of Computer Scientists on, “Tech Solutions: Nonprofit Fundraising and Communications.” Follow the link to my slide deck on SlideShare. I discussed my experiences working with small nonprofits and startups on small budgets, and talked about ways to do more for almost no cost yet more efficiently. I also shared some advice about ramping-up when it comes to building credibility and ultimately, securing larger donations. It seems quite a few computer science students have their eyes on creating new apps and changing the world for the better. Great news!

In April, look for a new article on the Bloomerang blog on volunteering. National Volunteer Week is April 23 to 29, 2017! I will post the link here once the articles goes live, and will write about volunteering from the perspectives of both volunteers and staff. Volunteers are a blessing, as I have said often. Stay tuned for more.

Speaking about volunteering, the annual Austin print festival Print Austin was held in February. I volunteered to help staff the Big Medium gallery space at Canopy. While there, I took a few photos and videos. You might enjoy seeing those in my Google Photo album. I have been using Google Photo for documenting events of all kinds and sharing imagery and videos online. Very helpful! Above is an Instagram of a Big Medium volunteer meeting earlier in the year. Big Medium does an outstanding job managing and motivating its volunteer workforce (and it would love to have more volunteers, hint hint). Big Medium is:

“… dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary art in Texas. Big Medium produces the East Austin Studio Tour, the West Austin Studio Tour, the Texas Biennial, and presents innovative exhibitions throughout the year in the Big Medium gallery. Big Medium provides affordable studio space to artists, and partners with various organizations in Texas to help foster the arts and facilitate an inclusive cultural dialogue between artists and their communities.”


I will be speaking at two upcoming conferences. In May, I will speak on expecting the unexpected when it comes to making major gift fundraising calls, during the 2017 DFW Philanthropy in Action Conference at the Irving Convention Center. Please join us!

In June, I will travel to Augusta University in Georgia for the Southeast Donor Relations Conference. The event is hosted by the Association of Donor Relations Professionals. The focus of my presentation will be taking a step backward in order to move forward successfully with major gift fundraising. Curious? Join us!

As you can see by several of the links provided in this post, I have been doing quite a bit of visual blogging so far in 2017. This is enjoyable for me, but also, it is a growing trend when it comes to nonprofit communications! One of my primary photo and video platforms is Instagram. Follow me there, too!

Best wishes for your success in all things,

Carolyn M. Appleton

March 20, 2017





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