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Carolyn’s New Year Updates

Omg paper card.

The flurry of national activity we have witnessed in January suggests 2017 will be a busy and sometimes confusing year. Change is in the air!

There is no better time to load up your personalized Google News account with topics that affect your nonprofit organization, and to check it every day for the latest news. Google News keeps me on my toes. It helps me converse knowledgeably with my colleagues and make better decisions. Of course, there are other similar services. Regardless, let them cull the most pertinent news for you, so you can focus and get to work.

Thanks to Nonprofit Ally, I became a “Founding Ally” last fall and posted my first article on its new interactive website at the end of November. “Giving Thanks” discusses the need to thank donors, it shares a few eye-opening stories you might enjoy from my prior work, and provides stewardship ideas for readers of all experience levels. By the way, you can join Nonprofit Ally for free. A wonderful group of experts is posting information there! Follow this link for more information.

Steve Vick, founder of Nonprofit Ally and I enjoyed an hour-long Skype discussion early this January about grant writing. We discussed a wide range of issues, from where to get training to internal issues that can affect the success of your grant writing, to a few external ways to bolster your organization’s credibility and grant writing success. When the podcast goes live on the Nonprofit Ally website, I will update this post with the link! That should be in about ten days.

Here in Austin, you may know I developed and manage our NTEN Nonprofit Tech Club Austin Meetup page. Our program committee has been busy at work, and a host of 2017 programs are being developed as I write. If you live in Central Texas, or if you are visiting, sign-up and join us. Events are free and open to anyone.

This year, NetSquared is paying for our Austin tech club Meetup platform fees, which is a nice treat! In fact, as staff at Meetup HQ have given me kudos on our Meetup page, I will be leading a ReadyTalk webinar in early February for NetSquared about how to setup and manage a successful and engaging tech club Meetup page. The program is designed for tech club organizers around the world. To find a NetSquared tech club near you, follow this link.

You may have noticed I modernized the format of Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog and Carolyn M. Appleton, Inc. in January. I am enjoying the larger-format imagery and organizational scheme. If you have a question at any time about my websites or activities, please speak up by sending me a message using the secure contact form.

My professional Facebook page is just over one year old, but I keep it active and updated almost daily. Please follow me there. In fact, I maintain a list of my online presence on my Inc. website should you be curious about all the online venues where I am active. Alignable is a new platform discovery for me. Alignable is more local in orientation and business focused. I’ve made several new friends there. Connect with me there also! I share my proud “badge” notification below.


I don’t know quite what happened, but my casual Yelp profile started to bloom in late October. Today, it has enjoyed more than 31,000 visits – more than three times the number of visitors prior to that – and my readership continues to grow. This is a fun situation where a hobby suddenly turned more serious. I was pleased to have been invited to join the Yelp Elite Squad this year. Check out my business photos. Wherever I go, I try to snap an Instagram and upload it to Yelp.

Pinterest has also become a more serious endeavor. I have between 10,000 and 14,000 any given month. I post almost daily on boards than range from Nonprofit News Now! to Bees | Issue and Inspiration, Sunflowers May Save the World and IREC: Interstate Renewable Energy Council. I was delighted to discover Fortune now includes a Pinterest button on its website, by the way. I am an active reader (poster and pinner) of articles by Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg and other business focused websites. I find them very insightful for our work today. Click to read, “Are We Listening Only to Ourselves?” on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog.

In March, the Sam Houston Association of Computer Scientists at Sam Houston State University is hosting a Future Tech Conference. I will be speaking about, “Tech Solutions to Enhancing Nonprofit Communications and Raising More Money,” on March 4. I promise to post my slide deck on SlideShare for those who are curious closer to the date.

In closing, I urge everyone to read my article, 2017 | Nonprofit Predictions. As the new Administration in Washington, D.C. starts making changes to the federal government, at least one of my predictions is coming true. I urge everyone to strengthen their private sector fundraising skills, for instance, and to not rely overly much on government grants. The time is nigh.

Very best wishes for your fundraising success this year!

Carolyn M. Appleton

January 25, 2017

Be sure to sign up for information from the National Council on Nonprofits, to keep abreast of changes happening in Washington, D.C. – here is a link to a recent “Nonprofit Advocacy Matters” e-newsletter.








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