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Thank You for Following Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog | An Update

It dawned on me this weekend while doing a little WordPress “housekeeping,” that I had not thanked my followers in a while. This post is meant to do just that, and to update you about my blog and related activities.

September marks my fifth year on WordPress. Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog began on the pages of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network back in 2010, on a no-longer active group blogging page. In 2011, I moved my posts to WordPress and over the past five years I have continued to refine existing articles and to post new thoughts. This blog began when I lived in San Antonio. I moved¬†to Austin in 2013, and I continue to blog, of course.

I have reorganized the blog in some key ways:

  • The menu of primary articles is now accessible at the very top, in a drop-down menu listing. I have updated most of my main articles with new¬†links and comments to keep the discussions fresh and contemporary. And, there is a new article¬†focusing on techniques helpful to those nonprofits seeking to improve their credibility and to secure larger donations, “Growing New Shoots: Back to Basics Brings Big Results.”
  • Posts such as this one (to which you have subscribed), are now found by clicking on the tiny three bars at the top of the page, “Recent Thoughts.” Stationed¬†below that section is an archival “search box” where you can find more of my posts dating¬†back to 2013.
  • When not writing a blog post on WordPress, I often share¬†my visual interests on Carolyn’s Tumblr. Visual blogging is something I enjoy, a¬†break from traditional writing. You might also¬†follow me on Instagram, where I am fairly active “reporting” events I attend. Shown at the top of this page is an Instagram of a sunset taken from my new backyard in South Austin, with¬†a quote from the Over app.
  • Last year, I finally launched a Facebook page for my business. You can find it by following the link. I have been active privately on Facebook since 2009, but finally decided to “go public” with a separate page for those seeking professional information and updates.
  • My Pinterest page has always been casual in focus, but for some reason it has a very high readership. Join me there! I have a board with articles about philanthropy and key issues our sector faces called, “Nonprofit News Now!” You might enjoy checking-in on that, as well as¬†some of my other boards (warning: personal and professional interests are shared on Pinterest). Those who signed-up to follow Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog when I was still living in San Antonio will notice a “San Antonio” board. I loved living in that city and have shared some of my Instagram images.
  • Regarding¬†my volunteer work with NTEN, I am co-organizing a Meetup, the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Club Austin #NPTechClubATX. If you are in Austin, please join us. Most all programs are free, of course. And, my thanks also go to NTEN for sharing my thoughts on technology adoption in the workplace on NTEN Connect last May. Follow the link to read it.

For a more extensive list of my online presence, please follow this link. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you so much for your interest in my blog and my work. It means more than you know. Very best wishes for a successful fall!


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