Civic Hacking

Civic Hacking

In all my years of volunteering, it was not until 2015 that I decided to lend my support to a city government. Austin has a new Mayor, and the city has also been named the top “tech” city in the nation. Austin is growing, and while there are many challenges ahead, spirits are generally positive.

Last February, I participated in Code Across Austin V | Civic Hack Summit at The Iron Yard, organized by Open Austin. It was in partnership with a larger national effort with Code For America. Shown above is my delightful team of “hackers.”

Many ideas were put forward to improve city operations during our day of brainstorming, and more than 50 Austin citizens participated. Our small group’s concept focused on creating an Austin-centric educational app about how to recycle objects of all kinds. Recycling is a subject about which I am passionate. Our work ultimately supports Austin Resource Recovery. In June, we return to spend the better part of a weekend discussing “next steps.” Stay tuned! I’m enjoying this new adventure.

Thanks to NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network for including an article in the March, 2015 issue of the digital journal, CHANGE: “Keep Austin Connected: A Vision for Digital Inclusion.”

YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram

My work on YouTube with YouTube Video Editor continues. I have more video collages to share with you, and I am learning new things all the time.

Think With Google notes that online video has exploded. “Watch time on YouTube is growing fast, up 50% YoY.” Click on the link to read more.

What does this mean for nonprofits? Certainly, it should be a communications priority to create and post videos online, whether you create cinematic masterpieces, or a simple YouTube Video Editor productions like mine.

Pinterest and Instagram – two highly visual platforms – are also anticipated to grow. As I review my Pinterest “stats,” for instance, I am amazed at how many people are visiting my page each month. I can see now that more time polishing and posting to my boards is in order!

About This Blog

Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog is based on my experiences in the nonprofit sector both as a staff member and as a volunteer. Throughout this website, I discuss my most challenging and rewarding experiences. By sharing this information, I hope you will gain confidence in tackling your fundraising challenges!

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Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE

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