Flatbed Press 2015

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This blog is based on my experiences in the nonprofit sector as a staff member and volunteer. I discuss both my most challenging and most rewarding experiences. By sharing this information and the results of my research, I hope you will gain confidence in tackling fundraising challenges, and that you will also learn to do more with less.

I have been a fan of Flatbed Press in Austin for many years. The Instagram above was taken during the Contemporary Print Fair in February, 2015. Not only accomplished print artists and print shops exhibit during the fair, but also university students. Whether you only attend the fair, or stop by to visit the next time you visit to Austin, a trip to Flatbed Press is always a treat. The Flatbed building also includes a number of partner galleries.

While attending the Contemporary Print Fair preview reception, my fellow greeter, Jena and I spoke with those checking-in and registering at the front door. We urged guests to provide their email addresses and to find Flatbed on Facebook and Instagram. This informal, in-person research revealed some important information: quite a few seek and receive information more often on Instagram than Facebook. Several guests said they like receiving information by e-mail, but some adamantly reject it. Some guests reported they were reluctant to follow on Facebook if there are “too many posts.”

Moderation in all things, and we all need to be doing more “visual” blogging. It is a “visual” age.

People like receiving information in different formats. Successful nonprofits need to be watching and responding to these trends. For more about Flatbed Press and a “visual blog” post about my recent visit, see Carolyn’s Tumblr.

Click to reach Richard Branson’s blog.


The quote above was created with the help of BrainyQuote’s “Share As Image” partner platform. I follow Sir Richard Branson on social media. He provides helpful guidance to both business and nonprofit executives. George Bernard Shaw’s quote reminded me of Richard’s “can do” spirit.


The 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference will take place in Austin in March. I serve on the local Host Committee, and I have been busy paving the way to what I anticipate will be one of the most genuinely helpful learning experiences for nonprofit professionals anywhere in the world. You can attend in person or remotely via your laptop or mobile device (follow the link above).

I will be presenting during WordPress Day. The creation of Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog and how I use WordPress will be the focus of my talk. I look forward to it very much!

Website Update

For several years I have maintained a separate website of resources – lists and links – that I find helpful. Fundraising Resources is being phased-out, but will remain as a separate section on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog (follow the link to the new section, or see the menu in the margin).


The encouragement of NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network has been invaluable. This blog began on NTEN’s former community blogging platform, in fact (2010). Please consider joining NTEN today!

Thank you for visiting,

Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE

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I enjoyed visiting with Steve Vick of Nonprofit Ally last October. We discussed “asking,” with a bit of emphasis on corporate fundraising and working with CEOs. My personal stories illustrate well the fact that sometimes the best laid plans can change in the blink of an eye! Click on the banner below to listen (1 hour).

This podcast focuses on "asking" for significant donations, with a bit of emphasis on corporations. Follow the link below to listen.

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